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Want to be a photo artist? Use it.

 Want to be a photo artist? Use it.

How do you become a photography artist?  How can I turn my photos into art? 

Here’s a photo technique that painters use all the time, but photographers avoid it! Give it a try, it's the easiest way for a photo-artist from a photo technologist!

Here's a photo tip you might never consider ... In fact, I'm not sure if it's even a photo strategy or technique or maybe a photo tutorial called whatever you choose to call, it's worth it! It will turn you into a photo artist faster than I know.


For centuries - one of the main training techniques used by fine art painters has been to get down to the basics as well as the exercises created by the masters that they practice and take home.

They will try to imitate the scene, they will try to imitate every shade of color, they will try to imitate every brushstroke, and so on. In fact, it’s not just the birth of an art graduate, it’s also how art sculptors are made. He never tried to get off the stage of imitation.

However, the fastest way to jump from technician to artist is to copy. Thousands of artists in each field have proved this to be true.

You can do the same!

Go through your favorite photo books and magazines and choose a few photos you like - and try to duplicate them!

You need to get everything about precisely as could be expected. You want the finished image to be different from the original. (But remember, this is a learning exercise - never take it for granted!)

Be fair ... if you love the view of a beautiful tropical island with beautiful girls swaying in the empty trees, crashing surfs and bikinis ... Everest, it definitely won't work!

That said, choose a photo that you can duplicate and you're done! Same setting, same type, and color of clothing - the same type of illumination ... try to get everything!

It's a lot of effort but quite rewarding! BTW - I'll start with a kind of stable life, not just involving people. It is simple and expensive.

They say you can't understand a person well enough to walk a mile in his shoes ... well; Here’s your chance to really understand the photographer’s thought processes. Why

Did he choose this color (?), Why orange (?) Instead of apple, on the other hand, why this light pattern?

The more detail you put into your copy, the better - and you'll learn more. It will finally appear in your work!

Remember, the important photo steps for this project and becoming a photo artist is to first feel completely comfortable with the basics - then start copying.

Wednesday, March 2, 2022

BEST Learn Digital Photography - Basics of Digital Photography


BEST Learn Digital Photography - Basics of Digital Photography

More and more people are getting into the hobby of digital photography. When you want to become one of them, you need to understand some basics of digital photography so that you can really enjoy it. This article provides tips about digital cameras and what you can do to get the most out of your digital photography experience…

When you want to maximize your digital camera, you must have some basics of digital photography. Some people may think that they have to join their photography class to get the best from their hobbies, but they don't know, all you need is some background information and you will be able to improve the quality of your picture.

so let's get started.

The right thing to know about digital photography is the right camera. At the point when you start photography,  you lose money when you dive straight into a professional DSLR camera. It is true that DSLRs can take better pictures but you may have trouble appreciating your potential as a novice photographer.

When you are unsure about your skill level, you should stick to a compact digital camera and practice your skills before anything more complicated happens.

Then, let's talk about the basic form of digital photography.

You need to understand that the digital images you capture are actually made up of millions of pixels. Most people thought that the more pixels you have, the better the quality. It isn't totally obvious. When you get a larger image sensor, you can enjoy better quality images with higher pixels.

This is because the more pixels you get on a smaller image sensor the more compacted they will be. At the point when you take photographs at high ISO, pixels will give computerized sound the closest pixel. In any case, when you have a bigger picture sensor, these pixels will be more loosely packaged. So at higher ISO, the sound intensity in your image will be less

Nevertheless, when you make noise in your picture it is not the end of the world. Another feature of digital photography is that you can always edit your photos with software. While it involves work when you think about saving a once-in-a-lifetime image, all the additional work is awesome.

You might think that the software is for professionals only. However, as technology has improved in feature articles, software developers have made the software so user-friendly that you can learn it in a short tutorial.



Learn digital photography: Track your photography quickly

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Saturday, February 12, 2022

Learn digital photography: Track your photography quickly

 Learn digital photography: Track your photography quickly

Early photographic principles are the basis for both digital and film photography. When we ignore them, the basics of learning photography go to the window. The time has come to bring back photography digitally.

In our immediate society, learning digital photography is possible only by applying the basic principles of good photography. Digital is another tool and there is no really fast way to do it. But if you are ready to follow these six fast photography principles, you are on your way to learning digital photography fast. And I want to say really fast. So here it goes.

1. Pick your subject carefully.

This is the center of your photo. Make sure you identify a suitable topic and focus on it. Not expose to exchange. If the subject does not explicitly acknowledge, your image will be below average.

2. Keep your subject intelligent.

Divide your figure vertically and horizontally into halves. Imagine 2 lines and 2 lines down. Place your subject at one of these points where these lines intersect. If you have a horizon in the picture, line it with one of the 2 horizontal lines.

3. Draw nearer to your matter.

Most of the time the thing is you want to remember about recording that scene. So get the most out of it in your photos. This is particularly obvious with family photographs. Shoot small groups of people near the camera

4. Exclude noise in your content.

Make sure no trees or telephone poles are attached to the head of your subject. If you don't particularly want to remember dustbins, bicycles, microwaves, or signboards, keep them out of view. When looking at photos, look at what you don’t want to see in 20 years and skip it.

5. Take a view of your subject from an alternate point.

Shoot from top to bottom (above the subject) or below (looking at the subject). Find a different angle so that the image is unique and gives you a different and interesting aspect

Your. Change your outlook.

Most people just stand in front of the subject and shoot. Walk around while looking at your viewfinder and look for a different location that gives a more interesting shot. Calculate the test.

Bonus tip

Finally here’s a bonus tip. Choose a subject you want to photograph and shoot in 50 different ways. Shoot from high, low, left, right, straight up. Really close, rotate your camera at an angle place the camera over your head. Change your viewpoint, move away from the subject, lie on your back or on your stomach as per the situation. This may sound great but you will see after trying it that it is possible. When you have finished the feature article, browse all the images and you will be amazed at your possibilities. You will find a new and different angle that will surprise your friends and family. In the event that you need to get extraordinary shots, don't worry about feeling stupid.

Follow these 6 basic photographic principles and your photos will improve dramatically and very quickly. In a few hours, your friends will appreciate you for your great pictures.



Do you want to learn more about photography in the digital world?

Tuesday, February 8, 2022

5 Ways to Make Money with Digital Cameras and Photo Printers


5 Ways to Make Money with Digital Cameras and Photo Printers

When it comes to the advancement of the internet and modern technology, the earning options are truly limitless. One way that many are finding great success as entrepreneurs are by using their digital cameras and photo printers. Whether you use your digital knowledge to enter a photo contest using images taken from your digital camera or choose to start an online auction business, the use of both a camera and a photo printer is essential.

In view of a business venture, the following five tips can help you get on the path to success using nothing but your digital camera and photo printer.

# Start an eBay business and use your digital camera to take pictures to be included in your auction. In the event that words generally can't do a picture justice, how much will it cost for your auction? After all, would you buy something without looking?

# Become an amateur photographer using your digital camera and print images using a realistic photo printer, which can use black or colored ink.

# Create a personalized calendar with photos from your digital camera in a calendar creation program and print them out using a photo printer. These are extremely popular in craft shows and fly markets.

# Take photographs utilizing your advanced camera and fuse them into a program that controls photographs. You can take two photos and mix them together. Take a picture of two sunflowers and your two best friends, for example. Download images from your digital camera to the computer and manipulate them so that the faces of your two best friends are in the sunflower. Print this photo using your photo printer and use it as an example of your new digital image business. These are very popular in craft shows.

# You can work in the publishing industry using nothing but a digital camera and a quality photo printer. Many years ago, the cover of a national magazine featuring famous celebrities was created with nothing more than a personal photo printer. Magazine Office was unable to work with any email images, so they enlisted the help of an author who enlarged the image and printed it using a color photo printer. The printout was then sent to the magazine's office, which used the image as their full-color cover image.

When buying any type of electronics, including digital cameras and photo printers, always pay full attention to the warranty and make sure you are buying a quality name in technology. Depending on your intended use, you may want to choose a photo camera with a high pixel count and a photo printer capable of producing high DPI (dots per inch) images. Both allow you to create better quality and more realistic photos.

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Friday, December 31, 2021

Three Effective Tips for Finding the Best Tattoo Artist

 Three Effective Tips for Finding the Best Tattoo Artist

How do I find a good tattoo artist?  Who is considered the best tattoo artist? Who is the best tattoo artist in the world in 2021?

Tattoos last a lifetime, so choosing the best tattoo artist is not a decision that has to be made in an instant. There are many things to keep in mind while choosing a tattoo artist. 

This article is the most important aspect you should consider before choosing the best tattoo artist in Fayetteville, NC.

Finding a good tattoo artist can be a daunting task if you are unaware of what to look for or where to start. But it is not as difficult as it seems. The key lies in finding the right artist for your job. You can find online sources for good tattoo artists and parlors. 

You can start narrowing your search by considering online reviews and word of mouth. It's a good idea to find one that is tattooed by an artist of your choice, as you can verify the artist's work, price, and other aspects in a person.

Some other important tips to consider

Past work and portfolio

The pieces tell of the artist a glimpse into previous work. Check the artist's portfolio before choosing an ink. A specialized tattoo artist has the ability to mix colors well. Subtle details like thin, crisp, and clean lines make a huge difference in an artist's work. When you are confident in the artist's abilities, you will feel more comfortable getting a tattoo.

Health and Cleanliness

The tattoo artist is required to maintain a high level of cleanliness and hygiene by using disposable needles, gloves, utensils, etc. No matter which one you choose for your tattoo, never compromise on cleanliness as it can be dangerous. 

Low levels of hygiene can lead to infections, skin diseases, HIV, hepatitis A, and blood poisoning. The tattoo studio should be sterile and clean. Have the artist and staff clean the pages, try to dispose of needles and other things after each client is inked. Some artists display cleanliness certificates which are a clear indication of their professionalism and high quality.

Awards and accolades

Professional and talented tattoo artists often win many awards, which is a clear indication of their skill and skill level. This also proves their popularity as most of these awards are won by the popular vote. A lot of popular artists are busy and you may need to pre-book an artist in order to ink you. You can book in advance for professional services so it is wise to organize.

Finding the best tattoo artists in Fativille, NC who meet most of these criteria is not always possible. However, before inking your body you need to consider several important aspects like cleanliness, efficiency, and authentic reviews. Remember, tattoos last a lifetime in most cases. 

Choosing a good artist and studio is essential for getting a tattoo done. In addition to the artist's article submission skills, workstation hygiene standards need to be equally high when you choose a tattoo artist.

Want to be a photo artist? Use it.

  Want to be a photo artist? Use it. How do you become a photography artist?   How can I turn my photos into art?   Here’s a photo technique...